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At some point in time, disaster strikes-no one knows when it will strike, but it is inevitable-no community is immune.  But through planning and informed decision-making, the board can take steps to reduce the chances of disaster and safe-guard the community from the most common forms of calamities.  Our seminar will cover the four major types of disasters and the insurance portections that board members need to know to prepare for them:
  • Injury and Death on the property.  How general liability insurance protects your community from personal injury lawyers who want to make the association pay for being injured in the community.
  • Lawsuits Against the Association and Board.  How directors and officers ("D&O") liability insurance protects volunteer board members from liability.  What you do not know will hurt you!
  • Theft of Funds.  How fidelity coverage can provide security in the event of loss or theft of association funds.
  • Destruction of Property.  How property insurance is necessary for associations and indivudal owners, including water damage, ice dam leaks, and fires.
This seminar will provide extensive information on the topic of insurance and help to prepare your board for handling disasters. 

Registration for our fall seminar series, entitled "Disaster Will Strike! - Planning and Preparing For The Unexpected" is now open!  To register, please click on a day and location listed below:

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