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ATLAS User Manual:
    Welcome to the ATLAS!  Many great things await you inside.  Please see the user manual chapters below to get started and to learn about ATLAS.

Help Manual Chapter 1: Introduction
Welcome to the Association Total Legal Assistance System!  ATLAS provides Kaman & Cusimano, LLC service option client board members and their professional property managers with unparalled resources to manage your community's legal challenges.  To assist you in navigating through all that ATLAS has to offer, this page will expose you to some of the terminology and icons that are...

Help Manual Chapter 2: Case Status
ATLAS includes the ability for you to actively monitor the collections and enforcement matters that Kaman & Cusimano is handling for your association. This page covers some of the basic details of case review and monitoring.  ATLAS is updated immediately and automatically whenever Kaman & Cusimano is working on a matter, so all information displayed on these pages is in "real...

Help Manual Chapter 3: Board Education
The Board Education pages offer board members access to an extraordinary amount of educational materials, including past seminar materials, webinars, Kaman Reports, and articles. Board members who use ATLAS should review and watch the content provided, this will help you to stay on top of current trends and events related to association board operations.

Help Manual Chapter 4: Samples & Forms
The Samples & Forms section of ATLAS  is an index or catalog system that gives you access to many sample documents and forms. These documents and forms are meant to help you to design and create your own documents and templates. The various sub categories available are "Newsletters," "Handbooks," "Newsletter Articles," and "Forms."

Help Manual Chapter 5: Tools & Help
The tools and help section of ATLAS exists to provide additional functionality and help materials / resources related to ATLAS. Use this section of ATLAS when you are looking to perform an ATLAS related action or are in need of help with ATLAS. This section offers options for "Board Roster", "Password Change", "User Guide" and "Search".