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The following are a variety of forms, policies, and procedures that your board can use and adopt:


Annual Meeting Ballot

Annual Meeting Notice

Annual Meeting Script

Annual Meeting Sign-In Sheet

Basic Confidential Information

Code of Ethics

Collection Policy

Collection Procedure - Annual Fees

Collection Procedure - Monthly Fees

Enforcement Letters - Damages to Property or Repair Costs

Enforcement Letters - Rule Enforcement

Enforcement Procedure

Manager Evaluation Form

Meeting Minutes

Proxy (5 year) with voting power to Board President (MS Word DOC)

Proxy with voting power to the Board (MS Word DOC)

Proxy with voting power to the Board President (MS Word DOC)

Records Request Policy

Request to Inspect Records

Reserve Waiver Ballot

Reserve Waiver of Funding Letter to Owners

Stop Harassment of Board

Telephone and Email Cease and Desist Letter