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Kaman & Cusimano is happy to provide examples from other community associations. While this resource may be helpful to your board when drafting your community’s handbook, they should not be copied verbatim or relied on as being currently accurate. The handbooks are provided as a reference only for topics and styles that your association may want to use in preparing its own handbook. Each and every property is unique, and many of the rules found in these samples may not apply to your association. Remember, handbooks should be an easy to read and understand listing of your community’s rules and regulations. If you would like Kaman & Cusimano to review your Association’s draft handbook for legal compliance with Ohio law and your property’s governing documents, please contact our office.


HOA Sample Handbook - 1

Master Association Sample Handbook

Condo Sample Handbook - 1

HOA Sample Handbook - 2

HOA Sample Handbook - 3

Condo Sample Handbook - 2