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    This page is your index to the tools and help documents of ATLAS. The tools provided here allow you to interact and modify details of your ATLAS account and submit important details and notes to Kaman & Cusimano. The help documents found here are related to ATLAS and it's usage. You should select from the options below whenever you are looking to accomplish something within ATLAS or communicate with Kaman & Cusimano.

Board Roster Update

Board Roster Update:

    The board roster is used to display and manage the board members of your association. Select this option if you would like to look up or modify a board member roster for your association.

Change Password

Change Password:

    Your password is your secret key that gives you access to the ATLAS system. Select this option if you would like to change or reset your password.


Search ATLAS:

    ATLAS has a powerful built in search tool that allows you to search through all of the content, features and documents available to you in ATLAS. Select this option whenever you are having trouble finding something within ATLAS or if you are looking for something within one of the documents offered from ATLAS.

User Guide

User Guide:

    The ATLAS User Guide is a comprehensive information and help center that can help you to better understand ATLAS and how to use it. Select this option if you are new to ATLAS or if you need help finding or using anything on the ATLAS system.

User Guide


    It is recomended that you always log out of ATLAS when you are done. Please click here to log out of ATLAS.